Pure Real Cow Ghee has been manufactured from indigenous cows only. This is manufactured by traditional hand churned method. No machines and no chemical used. Ghee is a must buy product in the households. It is widely used in India to make food tasty. It is served with rice, khichdi and dal. In summer it is poured in Aamras to make it palatable. Pure desi-ghee is also known for its medicinal use as sinus patients are prescribed to pour few drops of pure desi-ghee in their nose and sometimes ghee drops are useful for improving the eye sight.

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Ghee should always be consumed with hot item. As food, Desi cows ghee made from indigenous breed of cow, from pure and fresh milk by traditional standards with pure smell and Indian taste with purity. Ghee is the most traditional item to be served with various types of rice dishes

The best clarified butter (Ghee) for change of state because it contains healthy fat soluble vitamins that facilitate within the absorption of nutrients in foods that are vital permanently health. to provide this healthy ghee, the cows are unbroken in stress free surroundings, given correct fodder and clean water to stay them healthy.